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Maharajas’ Express Restaurant

The Two in-house restaurant cars Mayur Mahal & Rang Mahal with unique theme decor have the capacity to seat 42 guests each. the menus are a mix of international and Indian Cuisines with chefs always willing to go the extra mile to make the culinary experience a truely memorable one.
“Mayur Mahal”, named after India’s very own graceful national bird peacock, fondly called as Mayur and the other is “Rang Mahal”, which literally means ‘The Palace of Colors’ decorated with hand painted fresco ceiling. The setup on one hand allows a seating of two persons who prefer to relish meal over a private chat and on the other hand also provides with a seating of four persons for guests who believe in socializing over a hearty conversation while enjoying the meals.
The chefs at Maharajas’ Express will be treat you with range of Indian & International cuisine. All onboard meals-breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner will be held in the Mayur Mahal & Rang Mahal restaurants.

Rang Mahal Restaurant

Rang Mahal Restaurant at Maharajas' Express

Mayur Mahal Restaurant

Mayur Mahal Restaurant at Maharajas' Express