Khajuraho – Narrative’s Erotic Temples

Population:  20,000
Average Climate

Summer: 28°C – 45°C
Winter: 05°C – 20°C

Best Time to visit:October to March

Tourist Attraction In Khajuraho
The magnificent group of temples at Khajuraho, a UNESCO World Heritage site, were built between the 9th and 10th centuries by the Chandela dynasty which dominated Central India at that time. The most impressive of the temples is the Kandariya Mahadev, which represents the pinnacle of the North Indian temple art and architecture. It is remarkable forits grand dimensions, its complex yet perfectly harmonious composition, and its exquisite sculptural embellishment. Over 800 sculptures cover the temple, depicting gods and goddesses, beasts and warriors, sensous maidens, dancers, musicians and of course, the erotic scenes for which the Khajuraho temples are famous.

Places Of Interest

Western group of Temples
Western Group of temples:Sculptures are biggest on these temples and these group temples are positioned near the left of the entrance. The Kandariya Mahadeo temples are the largest and architecturally most exemplary. Here also lie the ruins of Chausath Yogini Temple, which is believed to be the oldest in Khajuraho. Matangeshwar Temple features a huge Yoni pierced by a 2.5 meters Lingam. This is the only temple, which is still worshipped. There is only one entry point and a boundary wall surrounds and protects the temples within this large rectangular complex.
Eastern group of temples
Eastern Group of Temples: These temples are on the bank of river Khajur. Notable ones include Javari Temple, Vamana Temple, Brahma and Hanuman Temple. A kilometer towards the east from the western group of Temples is the Khajur Sagar and the old Villahe of Khajuraho. On one of the paths to the village is a modern whitewashed structure and within it is a large orange – red statue. The statue, oldest images to be found in Khajuraho is still worshipped. Eastern Group of temples in Khajuraho are quite different from the other temples in Khajuraho and is dominated by the Jain temples. Parsvanath temple is the largest Jain temple in Khajuraho and is located in the eastern group of temples. Adinatha temple and the Ghantai temple are also near the Parsvanath temple and certainly worth a visit.
Southern Group of Temples
Southern group of Temples: The Southern group of temples are located slightly away from the other groups of temples. Southern group of temples consists of Duladeo, Chaturbhuj and Beejamandal temples. The Chaturbhuj temple (built 1090 AD) has a superb, four armed image of Shiva in the inner sanctum. It is the only major temple in Khajuraho without any erotic sculptures. The Duladeo temple is also called `Kunwar Math’ by some historians. This temple is dedicated to Shiva and the whole temple is decorated with carvings of Shiva and his consort Parvati. Beejamandal temple is the third temple of the Southern group of temples which is still under excavation. It is expected to be the largest temple amongst the Khajuraho Temples once the excavation is completed.